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It's the Fourth of July, your town is having their annual celebration, there are 10,000 kids and adults in every direction as far as the eye can see. It's sweltering hot. That looks like 10,000 potential customers or supporters when you start handing out hand fans. At an event like that, you never have enough to pass out because people always want one. You'll hear them ask each other, "Where did you get that hand fan?"

"Over there, at that booth," or, "From that guy passing them out by the ice cream stand," you'll hear them answer. Whatever the case may be, for a simple and low cost product, custom hand fans speak loudly at a hot outdoor event. Not only have you provided a quick break from the heat, but you've also got your name out there to every person who grabbed one of those hand fans.

A hand fan isn't your standard flyer that can be overlooked. When you're at a hot event, you're not looking specifically at the flyers people are carrying around - if they even decide to hold on to them - but you will be looking at what they are using to keep themselves cool. With the option of up to full color printing on both sides, you have now supplied the information provided on a flyer, with the marketing and demand of the hand fan for your business, group, church, school or cause.

These hand fans are not just for businesses. Churches all over the country and world use them. Religious Hand Fans have a strong, durable basswood handle and thick cardstock printing for multiple uses. They are used to celebrate church anniversaries, outings, newcomers or for the simple purpose of cooling the attendees off during service.

Another widespread use of hand fans, which probably makes up almost 50% of all hand fan business, is wedding hand fans. Whether you are in a church or are having an outdoor wedding, hand fans are a very popular option. The options for printing are endless. Popular options include a picture of the couple with a quote or names monogrammed, just the names monogrammed, a program and list of events, and many more.

Hand fans have a wide range of uses and users, but one thing is for sure-you will rarely ever find someone that will turn down a hand fan on a warm summer day.

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